Spay it Forward

The Spay it Forward Campaign

The Spay it Forward Campaign is built around four primary objectives.

  1. Enhance the human/companion animal bond.
  2. Enhance the sustainability of basic health care for companion animals.
  3. Enhance the health and welfare of companion animals and their caregivers.
  4. Decrease the surplus companion animal population while helping to increase the overall health of the companion animal population.

Spay it Forward seeks to fund companion animal hospitals in underserved areas to accomplish its objectives. Planned Pethood International, (PPI), has now funded two full-service veterinary hospitals outside the United States with seed money from Planned Pethood Plus, located in Denver, Colorado and community support. The first hospital is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and the second in Merida, Mexico. These state of the art veterinary hospitals have trained dozens of veterinarians in safe, efficient surgical techniques and are working diligently to provide top notch veterinary care and affordable spay and neuter programs.

Working with Jean Atthowe of the Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force, PPI has developed a comprehensive program called the Task Force Technique, (TFT). This program allows for active participation by the community as a whole. We focus on combining humane education, responsible ownership, companion animal welfare and spay/neuter as the most comprehensive forms of population control. To this end we provide mobile clinics to underserved areas. We have found that the mobile clinics allow us to increase impact as we recruit, train, and secure funding to further our stated objectives.

We work for small, more sustainable clinics in areas of greatest impact. While our funding comes from multiple sources, profits from Planned Pethood Plus, (PPP), and hundreds of volunteer hours have been vital to our work. Our two hospitals abroad are paying back the original investment at zero interest and without a time-frame. These monies, in turn, will be used to fund more hospitals, educational materials, supplies for spay/neuter campaigns, and to help like-minded veterinarians defer educational costs. The veterinarians give their time, energy, and experience to help organize and work at our spay/neuter clinics.

The long term goal of Spay it Forward is to receive enough working capital to build more hospitals that will participate in our welfare programs. In turn, these hospitals can also provide funding for mobile campaigns and even more hospitals who will Spay it Forward.

The original $1 million USD invested by PPP, Inc. is being used by PPI for unprecedented humane work. $20,000 to $40,000 dollars are being paid back annually by our clinics abroad; these monies go back into our nonprofit programs. This represents a win/win situation whereby fully funded for profit hospitals are able to pay their hard-working staff good, livable wages and still fund much needed nonprofit outreach work in their local communities. This symbiotic relationship not only advances companion animal welfare, it also advances veterinary medicine and strengthens communities at a very grassroots level. In addition to providing jobs, our clinics work closely with local shelters and rescue groups. Our doctors visit and teach at local schools, write articles in newspapers and magazines, and spread the word via television and radio thereby advancing humane education and awareness in the community.

Spay it Forward is the most sustainable, cost effective and humane form of companion animal population control on the planet to date. It helps provide great opportunities for caring veterinarians and their staff, while providing a tremendous amount of free and low cost services to the local community and beyond via mobile clinics.

As all original investments are returned over time, they are used in additional projects. Please consider helping us meet this end via a tax-deductible donation to Planned Pethood International. An infusion of additional capital will help us move forward with more hospitals. Ultimately, more facilities means more financial return to fund additional hospitals. You can play an important role and help us build new facilities every few years, truly Spaying it Forward.

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